The Best Omega Juicer of 2022 (And Worst): We Review EVERY Model

The Best Omega Juicer of 2022 (And Worst): We Review EVERY Model

Overall Best Omega Juicers 2022
Best MasticatingOmega J8006HDSOmega J8006HDS
  • Best performance
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to clean
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Best VerticalOmega VSJ843QSOmega VSJ843QS
  • Great performance
  • Quiet
  • Fits under most kitchen cabinets
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Best for CeleryOmega MM900HDSOmega MM900HDS
  • Best yield for celery
  • High performance
  • 15-year warranty
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Best CompactOmega CNC80SOmega CNC80S
  • 80% smaller Footprint
  • Excellent juice yield and quality
  • Good value for the money
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Best for CitrusOmega C-10WOmega C-10W
  • Fast rotation speed
  • 3 different juicing cones
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We all want to be healthy. And a good way to become and stay healthy is to increase our nutrients and vitamins intake with a glass of fresh, homemade juice.

If you’re interested in juicing, you’ve probably heard of Omega Juicers.

Omega has a reputation for making some of the best masticating slow juicers. But they have so many different models, and the model numbers can get very confusing. So how can you figure out the best omega juicer for your specific need?

In this article, we test and review the entire line of Omega masticating juicers (over 14 different models!) to help you pick the best omega juicer.

Best Omega Masticating Juicer

Top PickOmega J8006HDSOmega J8006HDS
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Runner UpOmega NC800HDS/NC900HDCOmega NC800HDS/NC900HDC
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Try to AvoidOmega NC1000HDSOmega NC1000HDS
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Omega’s traditional masticating juicer is the horizontal kind. It’s their most popular model. It sits on the countertop, and you feed it fruits and vegetables through the food chute at the top.

This layout lets the auger in the juicer work very effectively, and generally allows for a more powerful motor to help juice nuts and hard vegetables. The obvious downside is that it makes the juicer take more space on the countertop.

After testing the three traditional Omega horizontal juicers, we found that the Omega J8006HDS is the best juicer for most people. Read on to learn more about the difference between the three.

Our Pick: Omega J8006HDS Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System

The Omega J8006HDS slow masticating juicer is a new version of Omega’s staple product, the J8006. Compared to its predecessor, the J8006HDS sports a more powerful 200W motor and is guaranteed to be BPA-free.

It’s the perfect juicer for most ingredients but shines exceptionally well when juicing greens and leafy greens. In our tests, we obtained a high juice yield from those harder-to-juice ingredients, with the left-over pulp staying dry.

The most exciting feature of the J8006HDS is the included adjustable end cap. You can adjust it based on the ingredient you’re juicing to extract as much juice as possible, thus lowering the amount of waste and saving you money on your grocery bill. In our tests, the pulp that came out of the juicer was quite dry, meaning the process was very efficient.

With the adjustable end cap, you can also do your own pasta, grind coffee and spices, make nut butter, baby food, and frozen desserts. It makes it one of the most versatile juicers you can find.

The auger turns at only 80 RPM. While the extraction speed is slower than centrifugal juicers, this lets the fresh juice retain all the healthy enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients. In addition, like with all cold-press juicers, the extraction process does not introduce extra heat to the healthy juice, which could damage its nutrients.

Despite its incredible performance on leafy greens and hard vegetables, one area where we think the Omega masticating juicer could improve is on soft ingredients. For example, the juicer had trouble processing soft fruits like strawberries and peaches as a lot of juice stayed stuck inside the machine. The trick is to juice the soft ingredients first and finish with the harder ones to clean out the filter completely, which helps extract all the juice.

And if we’re nitpicking, we also think the food chute could be a bit larger to accommodate larger pieces. We’ve had to spend some time on food prep to cut all our vegetables into pieces small enough to fit in the chute.

But we also found the J8006HDS easy to clean in just a few minutes, from disassembly to thorough scrubbing. In addition, the automatic pulp ejection system works well to remove most of the pulp from the juicer.

The new Omega J8006HDS/C is a horizontal juicer that comes in two colors: the J8006HDS is silver and less expensive, and the J8006HDC is made of a shiny chrome material that feels more premium.

  • Adjustable end cap helps increase juice yield
  • Slow cold-press process produces good juice quality
  • Excellent performance on leafy greens
  • Can also make butter from nuts, pasta, and more
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Powerful 200W motor
  • 15-year warranty
  • Small food chute
  • Not as good on softer fruits and vegetables
  • Takes space on the countertop

Bottom Line

We recommend the Omega J8006HDS slow masticating juicer to juicing enthusiasts who want a trustworthy juicer that can handle almost any food with perfection.

The juice it produces stays cold, has very little froth, and tastes fantastic. In addition, the versatility of the juicer allows it to make all sorts of nut butter, baby foods, sorbets, and more.

The 15-year warranty also ensures that the Omega J8006HDS is not just another purchase but a long-term investment in your health.

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Runner Up: Omega NC800HDS/NC900HDC Premium Juicer and Nutrition System

The Omega NC800HDS or NC900HDC is a good pick we recommend if you want to start juicing or upgrade to a slow masticating juicer. But the model numbers can be confusing, so let’s explain the difference.

Omega NC800HDS vs. Omega NC900HDC

The Omega NC800HDS and the Omega NC900HDC are the exact same model, except for their color. The NC800HDS has a silver finish, while the NC900HDC has a chrome finish that costs a bit more to produce. Besides this aesthetic difference, the mechanical parts are the same, and they’re from the same generation of juicers.

Because of its lower cost, we tend to recommend the Omega NC800HDS for most people. Unless the chrome finish is very appealing, in which case the Omega NC900HDC looks great in a kitchen.

The NC800HDS is a horizontal slow masticating juicer from Omega. The 150W motor operates an auger that turns at a slow speed of 80 RPM, making it relatively silent. Also, that allows the juicer to slowly extract all the juice from the toughest ingredients, like leafy greens, wheatgrass, and hard vegetables. However, the motor is less powerful than the 200W in the Omega J8006HDS.

The NC800/NC900 also includes the adjustable end cap, allowing you to increase the amount of juice produced and helping reduce your grocery bill.

The NC800 has a few advantages over the J8006HDS. First, it has a bigger food chute. That means it requires less food prep on your part, as you can fit larger ingredients. Second, it has a carrying handle, making it convenient to move the juicer around and store it after use.

In our tests, we managed to disassemble the Omega NC800 quite easily. The parts are easy to clean, and the whole process took just a few minutes for a thorough clean.

  • Adjustable end cap helps increase juice yield
  • Slow cold-press process produces good juice quality
  • Excellent performance on leafy greens
  • Can also make nut butter, pasta, and more
  • Larger food chute
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Not as good on softer fruits and vegetables
  • Takes space on the countertop
  • 150W motor could be more powerful

Bottom Line

The Omega NC800HDS and NC900HDC are two of the best horizontal slow masticating juicers you can buy from Omega. The only difference between them is their color.

They’re perfect for people who want to buy a high-quality, versatile juicer that’s also easy to clean. In addition, their slow speed allows them to produce the healthiest juice by retaining all the nutrients. Their only downside is the slightly less powerful motor.

We recommend the Omega NC800HDS/NC900HDC for new and experienced juicers looking for the best Omega juicer.

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Try to Avoid: Omega NC1000HDS Premium Juicer and Nutrition System

The Omega NC1000HDS is the NC800/NC900’s bigger brother. The functions are essentially the same, but it comes in a different form factor and a bigger 200W motor, just like the J8006HDS. The bigger motor helps the juicer process hard foods such as nuts and generally performs better.

The NC1000 outputs the same juice quality and yield as the NC800/NC900. In addition, it comes with the parts needed to make nut butter, baby foods, frozen sorbets, and more. In fact, it contains a total of 6 specialized nozzles for processing different foods, whereas the NC800/NC900 only has 4.

Like its siblings, the NC1000HDS is easy to clean and comes with a special cleaning brush to help ease the process.

Despite being better than the NC800HD/NC900HD on paper, it might have a severe flaw that we discovered while aggregating online reviews. While we didn’t experience any problem ourselves, many users report that the plastic pieces such as the drum assembly and the end cap repeatedly break. And while the juicer is covered by a 15-year warranty, like all Omega’s high-end juicers, it’s very annoying to have your juicer break just as you’re starting a diet. It can really kill your motivation to wait for the replacement parts.

  • Adjustable end cap helps increase juice yield
  • Slow cold-press process produces good juice quality
  • Excellent performance on leafy greens
  • 6 different attachments to make nut butter, pasta, and more
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Slow-juicer that operates at 80 RPM
  • Powerful 200W motor
  • Reported reliability issues
  • Takes space on the countertop

Bottom Line

On paper, the NC1000HDS has all it takes to be our most recommended juicer. It can juice just about anything, and the juice quality and yield are excellent. It comes with a powerful 200W motor and many accessories to make a lot more than just juice.

Unfortunately, we can’t really recommend this model as it is because of reported reliability issues. However, we hope that Omega comes up with a fix in a later revision of the product to help prevent the problem with plastic parts breaking that some users are experiencing.

If you are considering the NC1000HDS, have a lot at our top pick instead, the Omega J8006HDS. It comes with the same attachments and 200W motor but doesn’t appear to be plagued with reliability issues.

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Best Omega Vertical Juicer

Top PickOmega VSJ843QSOmega VSJ843QS
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Runner UpOmega MMV700SOmega MMV700S
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Budget PickOmega JC3000SV13Omega JC3000SV13
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In our opinion, the horizontal masticating juicers provide the best performance of the Omega lineup. But sometimes, it’s not all about performing better. It’s about the space that we have in our kitchen.

The line of vertical masticating juicers from Omega offers a more compact design that takes less space in the kitchen. Their vertical juicers are perfect if you don’t plan to store your juicer after every use and leave it on the countertop for a long time. All this while offering a performance that rivals traditional masticating juicers.

The vertical low-speed juicer we recommend for most people is the Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Square Low-Speed Juicer. In the following section, we review the three vertical juicers from Omega.

Our Pick: Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Square Low-Speed Juicer

If you’re looking to boost your immunity through juicing and are looking for a vertical slow juicer, we recommend the Omega VSJ843QS. It’s the first juicer to introduce the patented Slow Squeezing Technology to extract as much juice and nutrients as possible from a vertical juicer.

Its dual-edge single auger turns at the slow speed of 43 RPM, keeping the juicer silent under operation. So it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a quiet juicer to prevent waking up the household in the morning.

The slow speed also helps preserve the juice’s healthy enzymes and nutrients intact and keeps it cold. So you can rest assured that you’re getting your full dose of vitamins. In addition, it also lowers the amount of oxidation created by the juicing process, allowing you to keep your juice fresh longer in the refrigerator.

We like that the juicer is easy to clean. The automatic pulp ejection system keeps the juicer relatively free of left-over pulp and fibers, and the accessories are dishwasher-safe. The no-drip juice tap doubles as a mixing function as you can open and close it at will during the juicing process, which is useful when making certain juice recipes.

The juicer can make juice out of about any ingredients, but we found it worked best on hard vegetables. It also does fine on soft fruits and leafy greens. But if you’re looking for the best juicer for celery, you’d probably be better off with a horizontal model. This is because the fibers from celery can quickly clog the juicer when you juice a lot of celery.

Speaking of clogs, you can expect Omega’s vertical juicers to clog more frequently than its horizontal juicers. However, the Omega VSJ843QS has a special reverse mode that we found helped fix clogs.

Besides juicing fruits and vegetables, you can also make wheatgrass juice and nut milk. Unfortunately, the Omega VSJ843QS is limited to making juice and nut milk. It’s not versatile enough to make other foods like pasta and sorbets. So if this is an important factor for you, you should look into a horizontal juicer (we recommend the Omega J8006HDS).

  • Vertical form fits under most kitchen cabinets
  • Squeezes as much juice as possible from the produce
  • Slow 43 RPM speed preserves nutrients by keeping juice cold
  • No-drip juice tap
  • Very quiet
  • 150 watts motor could be stronger
  • Tends to clog up more often than other juicers
  • Not very versatile, can only make juices and nut milk
  • Not the best for celery

Bottom Line

We recommend the Omega VSJ843QS vertical low-speed juicer to anyone looking for a neat juicer to fit under a kitchen cabinet. Although a bit expensive, it offers the best slow-juicing performance of the Omega vertical slow juicers.

It can handle just about any ingredients and works very well on leafy greens such as kale and spinach, but it can struggle a bit if you juice too much celery with it. The reverse function helps a lot to fix any clogs.

If you want a more versatile juicer that can extrude pasta, make baby foods, and sorbets, invest in the J8006HDS instead. But if you’re looking for the best Omega vertical juicer to make any kind of fresh juice, you will definitely enjoy the Omega VSJ843QS.

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Runner Up: Omega MMV700S MegaMouth Vertical Low-Speed Quiet Juicer

The Omega MMV700S is a vertical masticating juicer similar to our top pick, the Omega VSJ843QS. And on paper, the MMV700S has some unique advantages.

First, the food chute is much larger. At about 3 inches, it can fit entire apples, lowering the time you spend on food preparation. And to process whole ingredients better, the Omega MMV700S also received an upgrade to its motor.

The 240W motor operating at 60 RPM offers a lot of torque to juice the most challenging ingredients. In fact, it’s the most powerful motor in the entire Omega line. The slow speed allows it to obtain a better yield than you would get with fast centrifugal juicers while preserving all the nutrients.

Like our top pick, the MMV700S also features the automatic pulp ejection system and no-drip juice tap for easier cleaning. While the juicer doesn’t feature an auto cleaning system like some blenders do, it’s as close as you can get to it.

So why do we prefer the Omega VSJ843QS over the MMV700S?

It’s because of one major flaw. While a 10-year warranty covers the Omega MMV700S, many users report that some important plastic parts end up breaking under stress. Unfortunately, it seems a common trend in Omega juicers with powerful motors.

  • Vertical form is easy to store and fits under most kitchen cabinets
  • Large 3” food chute means less food prep
  • Powerful 200W 60 RPM motor to juicer challenging ingredients
  • Good juice yield and quality
  • No-drip juice tap and easy cleaning
  • Can clog easily
  • Not the best for celery
  • Not versatile enough to make foods other than juice
  • Many users report parts breaking

Bottom Line

While the Omega MMV700S is better on paper than the VSJ843QS model because of its larger food chute and more powerful motor, we recommend the VSJ model instead as our top pick. We think it’s more robust and more adapted to everyday juicing because of its sturdiness.

But don’t get us wrong, the Omega MMV700S is an excellent juicer with a good juice extraction efficiency. It’s great for delivering healthy and delicious juices packed with vitamins and nutrients.

And its powerful motor is one of the best offered in the Omega line, helping you juice almost any produce (as long as they’re not too fibrous, like celery). If not for some durability issues, it would be one of the best vertical low-speed juicers on the market.

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Budget Pick: Omega JC3000SV13 Cold Press 365 Vertical Slow Masticating Extractor

The Omega JC3000SV13 is an entry-level juicer perfect for beginners. Its low price makes it easy to get started on a juicing journey for the first time.

The vertical masticating juicer from Omega features two speeds to juice different ingredients (45 RPM and 65 RPM). These slow speeds keep the juice fresh, free of oxidation, and help preserve all the healthy nutrients.

The Omega JC3000SV13 also has an anti-clog reverse function. And unfortunately, you’ll need it. The juicer can have trouble processing high-fiber produce. As a result, they tend to clog the filter, forcing you to stop juicing and use the reverse function to help clean up the leftover fibers.

As such, it won’t be a good juicer for celery. If you are looking for the best juicer for celery juice, have a look at the Omega MM900HDS instead.

But one of the main advantages of the Omega JC3000SV13 is its compactness. As a result, it doesn’t take much space in the kitchen, and it is easy to store.

  • Low price point for a masticating juicer
  • Compact format that fits under most kitchen cabinets
  • 2-speed slow masticating juicer produces good juice quality and yield
  • Tend to clog when juicing fibrous fruits and vegetables
  • Not versatile, don't expect it to make more than juice
  • 120W motor is the weakest offered by Omega

Bottom Line

We recommend the Omega JC3000SV13 to people who want to start juicing without spending a fortune on the best Omega juicer. Its low price point and compact vertical format are two of its most attractive features.

For a masticating juicer of this price, it performs very well. The slow speed allows it to keep the ingredients cold while juicing, preserving all their healthy nutrients. But if you’re serious about juicing greens like celery, you may want to invest in a horizontal juicer like the MM900HDS instead because the Omega JC3000SV13 tends to clog a lot.

Despite this drawback, it’s hard to beat the price of the Omega JC3000SV13 vertical low-speed juicer as it offers the best value for money. And it’s a great entry-level juicer to try juicing.

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Best Omega Juicer for Celery

Top PickOmega MM900HDSOmega MM900HDS
Check Price
Upgrade PickOmega MM1500GY13Omega MM1500GY13
Check Price
Budget PickOmega MM400GY13Omega MM400GY13
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Celery juice has tons of beneficial properties. It can reduce inflammation, improve your skin condition, and provide boost antioxidants to your body. So it’s no surprise that many people who buy a juicer want to make celery juice.

But not all juicers will make short work of the fibrous nature of celery stalks. The celery strands can cause many masticating juicers to jam. Thankfully, Omega offers juicers made especially for juicing celery.

The best Omega juicer for celery we recommend for most people is the Omega MM900HDS. Read on to learn why it was designed specifically to get more juice from celery.

Our Pick: Omega MM900HDS Low-Speed Masticating Celery Juicer

The Omega MM900HDS is the Omega juicer we recommend for people who want to make every stalk of celery count. The slow-speed masticating juicer from Omega specializes in extracting every drop of liquid from celery with its unique end cap.

The juicer comes with two end caps, the regular adjustable end cap, and the celery end cap. The standard end cap allows juicing every fruit and vegetable conceivable. It can process leafy greens with ease and can also make wheatgrass juice. It also has three adjustable settings you can use depending on the ingredient you are processing. But where the juicer really shines is juicing celery with the celery end cap.

The celery end cap allows the juicer to squeeze as much juice as possible from celery. As a result, it gives you a better yield and leaves no waste. In fact, the pulp coming out of the juicer is quite dry. That means you’re getting a great return on your investment when feeding produce to the juicer as you’re not wasting anything.

The powerful 200W, 80 RPM motor is our favorite in the Omega brand. Keeping the rotation speed low allows the auger to exert its magic: a triple-stage masticating technology that extracts all the nutrients, vitamins, and tastes with the minimum amount of produce. That allows the juice to remain cold throughout the entire process, helping preserve the health benefits. In addition, that means you can keep the juice for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.

One downside of the Omega MM900HDS is that it’s not very versatile. Many horizontal masticating juicers will allow you to make other foods such as pasta and sorbets. Unfortunately, compared to other slow-masticating juicers, the MM900HDS doesn’t include the required accessories to do so. However, they’re present in the MM1500HDS, which offers the same performance when juicing celery.

The automatic pulp ejection system makes the juicer easy to clean, as there are not a lot of solids left in the juicer. Disassembling a few parts, a good rinse, and using the included brush on the fine juicing screen is all it takes. However, we found the juicer harder to clean when using the celery end cap. The pulp was so dry that it tended to stick more to the juicing screen.

  • Gives the best yield for celery juice
  • Slower speed 80 RPM auger cold presses delicious juices
  • Quiet and powerful 200W motor
  • 15-year warranty
  • Harder to clean when using the celery end cap
  • Not very versatile, doesn't include common attachments to make other foods
  • Narrow food chute leads to more food prep

Bottom Line

We recommend the Omega MM900HDS to serious juicers who have their health at heart. If you want to make celery juice, this juicer will give you the best value for money. The celery end cap will allow you to extract every drop of juice from celery.

In addition, it’s one of the best omega juicers you can find. It can make delicious vegetable juice and handle any produce you throw at it.

The only downside is its versatility. It doesn’t include many of the accessories that come with other slow-masticating juicers that allow you to make other foods like pasta.

But if you are looking for an Omega masticating juicer that’s the best at what it does - juicing - then this is the model for you.

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Upgrade Pick: Omega MM1500GY13 Slow Juicer

The Omega MM1500GY13 is an excellent option to consider if you’re unsure about the MM900HDS because of its lack of versatility. If budget is not a concern, we prefer this upgraded model over the MM900HDS for a few reasons. We think it has the potential to be one of the best omega juicers available.

First, just like the MM900HDS, the MM1500GY13 is a horizontal masticating juicer. You can expect the same performance when juicing celery as it comes with the celery end cap. This unique end cap allows the juicer to squeeze as much juice as possible from celery stalks. And that means less money spent on produce from your part.

But while the MM900HDS doesn’t come with any attachments, the MM1500GY13 comes with a plethora of parts that you can use to make other foods. It includes the same 6 attachments included with our best Omega juicer, the J8006HDS. They allow you to make baby food, pasta, and more. The MM1500GY13 also comes with the celery end cap, making it our favorite juicer from Omega.

It sports the same 200W motor turning at 80 RPM to operate the auger featuring Omega’s triple-stage masticating technology. That lets the machine extract all the taste and nutrients present in the produce with a minimum amount of oxidation, allowing you to keep the juice fresh for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator. It also makes delicious leafy greens juice.

  • Speed of about 80 RPM makes it a slow masticating juicer
  • Includes the celery juicing attachment
  • Comes with 6 additional nozzles to make foods like pasta, bread, baby food, and more
  • Quiet and powerful 200W motor
  • 15-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Narrow chute can lead to more food prep time

Bottom Line

We think the Omega MM1500GY13 masticating juicer has the potential to become the best omega juicer. However, it is new on the market, so only time will tell about its performance over the months.

The motor is strong yet slow enough to preserve all the vitamins in the nutritious juice it produces. This horizontal juicer is also easy to clean and comes with the handy carrying handle that made its appearance on some recent models.

Given that it comes with all the attachments possible (4 pasta nozzles, 2 breadstick nozzles, a regular end cap, and the celery juicing end cap), we recommend it to any serious buyer looking to purchase a versatile juicer.

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Budget Pick: Omega MM400GY13 Slow Masticating Juicer

While Omega doesn’t advertise the MM400GY13 as a celery juicer per se, it gets the job done very well for an entry-level juicer. That’s why we decided to enter it in the best omega juicer for celery section.

The Omega MM400GY13 is one of Omega’s least expensive horizontal masticating juicers. Because of this, it sports a different design, and the build quality feels less premium. But that doesn’t mean it is any less performant.

The juicer performs well on celery, despite not having a celery end cap like the MM900HDS. It might not give the same high juice yield, but the quality of the juice is excellent. The MM400GY13 can also handle leafy greens, nuts, coconuts, pomegranate, and more.

In addition, we like the 3” wide feeding chute that lets you feed it whole ingredients. That allows you to spend less time on food prep and more on enjoying a glass of freshly pressed green juice.

However, the juicer only comes with a 1-year warranty. In contrast, the best Omega masticating juicers come with an outstanding 15-year warranty. While the MM400GY13 is one of the more budget-friendly masticating juicers, it is not exactly cheap either. We would expect Omega to offer a multi-year warranty on a product they are confident about.

  • Can process a wide range of ingredients, from fruits to leafy greens
  • Handles celery well
  • Large food chute
  • Easy to clean
  • Good value
  • Not exactly cheap
  • 1-year warranty

Bottom Line

The Omega MM400GY13 is a simple entry-level juicer that we recommend to anyone on a budget. It offers the best value for money and is new on the market.

The juicer performs very well with all sorts of ingredients, from celery, vegetables, and leafy greens, up to nuts and hard fruits and vegetables. The 3” food chute is perfect for helping you cut your food prep time.

Our only concern is with the 1-year warranty. As a new juicer on the market, we’ll have to see how it stands the test of time. But despite that, the performance of the Omega MM400GY13 could rival even the best omega juicers.

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Best Compact Omega Juicer

Top PickOmega CNC80SOmega CNC80S
Check Price
Runner UpOmega JCUBE500SVOmega JCUBE500SV
Check Price
Budget PickOmega H3000DOmega H3000D
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Horizontal juicers can take a lot of space on the countertop. That’s why Omega came up with a few models that are more compact and easier to store. But do they perform as well?

If you’re looking for a compact masticating juicer, we recommend the Omega CNC80S. It sports a compact design that you can be store easily in a kitchen cabinet. But there is a lot more to it.

Our Pick: Omega CNC80S Compact Juicer and Nutrition System

The Omega CNC80S is a more compact version of Omega’s most popular masticating juicer, the J8006HDS. And we were pleasantly surprised that it offers very similar performances, despite its 80% smaller footprint.

Like the J8006HDS, the powerful 200W motor of the Omega CNC80S operates the auger at 80 RPM. That lets the extraction process get all the delicious juice from the produce to the very last drip. And the low-speed juicer keeps the juice cold to keep the nutrients intact during the extraction process.

Like all the best Omega juicers, the CNC80S is quite versatile. It includes 6 different nozzles that allow you to extrude pasta and make other food.

The compact Omega juicer also works great with celery, leafy greens, and most fruits and vegetables. The pulp coming out of the juicer is quite dry, except when juicing celery - it stays a bit wet. But if juicing celery is your primary reason for getting a juicer, you should take a look at the MM900HDS instead.

Like many Omega juicers, one minor drawback is the small food chute. It’s hard to fit whole ingredients through it, and you’ll often have to do some extra food prep to cut the produce into smaller pieces.

  • 80% more compact than the J8006HDS
  • Great juice yield on most produce and excellent juice quality
  • Includes 6 different nozzles for extra versatility
  • Powerful 200W motor backed by a 15-year warranty
  • Good value for the money
  • Small food chute
  • Can clog more easily when juicing softer fruits

Bottom Line

If you are concerned about the size of the juicer, we recommend the CNC80S as the best Omega compact juicer. It’s about 80% the size of the J8006HDS and offers similar performance.

It works great on hard vegetables, leafy greens, celery, and nuts. But it struggles a bit on soft and ripe fruits, which tend to clog the machine more easily. Despite this, we were very impressed by its versatility.

The Omega CNC80S comes with many different attachments. It can make various foods, like frozen desserts and extrude pasta.

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Runner Up: Omega JCUBE500SV Cold Press 365 Masticating Slow Juicer

The Omega JCUBE500SV has one of the most innovative designs. The cube-shaped juicer can fit easily under any kitchen cabinet and is easy to store. But first, let’s see how well it performs.

The 200W motor operates a single auger turning at 80 RPM. The slow speed allows the triple stage juice extraction system first to crush the produce, then break it into smaller pieces before grinding it through a fine mesh screen to extract all the juice. The process is very efficient and yields the best quantity of liquid possible, saving you money on your grocery bill.

The Omega JCUBE500SV can juice anything, from leafy greens to nuts. It’s a very versatile juice that comes with the standard 6 attachments present in Omega’s high-end juicers, allowing you to make pasta and breadsticks. But like other Omega juicers, it can struggle a bit on soft fruits and vegetables.

When juicing soft produce like watermelon, cucumber, and pineapples, some wet pulp will sometimes remain stuck in the juicer, and it will struggle to extract all the juice. But the trick is to finish with a hard ingredient to help push everything out of the juicer.

We also think the food chute could be larger to lower the need for food prep. But this is a common theme with Omega’s high-end juicers - they tend to have a small chute.

We like that the cubic design of the Omega JCUBE500SV allows you to store all the attachments in the juicer. It has a small compartment in the back that can fit all its accessories.

  • Cubic design allows you to store all accessories
  • Fits very easily on the countertop and under kitchen cabinets
  • Slow juice extraction preserves all the nutrients
  • Comes with all the attachments found in Omega's high-end juicers
  • Strong motor with a 15-year warranty
  • Not the best to juice soft produce
  • Small food chute
  • More expensive

Bottom Line

The Omega JCUBE500SV is an excellent compact juicer we recommend to anyone looking for a high-end juicer. The cubic form will also allow you to store its accessories in a compartment in the back of the juicer, keeping your kitchen cabinets organized.

The Omega JCUBE500SV has a powerful motor that can juice just about anything. Like other high-end juicers, the slow extraction speed retains all the nutritional properties of the ingredients.

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Budget Pick: Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Horizontal Compact Masticating Juicer

The Omega H3000D is a good compact masticating juicer to start your juicing journey on a budget. It is inexpensive for a masticating juicer and offers some of the best value for money.

Its small footprint makes it very easy to store in a kitchen cabinet after you use it. Or you can leave it on the countertop as its design is also quite pleasing. In addition, it comes in different colors to match your kitchen.

The 150W motor is strong enough to make juice out of anything. The auger can handle nuts, leafy greens, celery, wheatgrass, and other fruits and vegetables. Compared to fast centrifugal juicers, the Omega H3000D is also very silent. But it does have a few drawbacks.

First, the food chute is small. You’ll need to spend some time on food prep to chop up the ingredients into small pieces.

But more importantly, it appears to have some durability issues. While reading online reviews, we found a handful of people that had plastic parts break on them while juicing. But, of course, we don’t expect every unit to be perfect for a juicer of this price. So we are not overly concerned. And the juicer is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

  • One of the cheapest masticating juicers
  • Can make juice out of just about any ingredients
  • Compact and pleasing design available in many colors
  • Small food chute
  • Not versatile, can only make juices
  • Some users report durability issues
  • 1-year limited warranty

Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget and want to purchase a compact masticating juicer, we recommend the Omega H3000D. It will give you a lot of value for its price, despite a few drawbacks regarding durability (which should be covered by the warranty anyway) and the smaller food chute.

The Omega H3000D is compact and easy to store. It’s also available in a few different colors so that you can match it to the design of your kitchen.

But more importantly, it can juice just about any produce. It can easily handle celery, leafy greens such as kale and spinach, and hard vegetables to make tasty vegetable juice.

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Best Omega Citrus Juicer

We’ll be brief: while Omega does make citrus juicers, we don’t recommend them. They appear to have some durability issues and are not rated well by users.

If you are looking for a juicer for citrus fruits for home use, we suggest investing in a lower-priced model like the Breville BCP600SIL.

But if your mind is set on an Omega citrus juicer, you have two options to make that perfect glass of orange juice:

Omega C-10W Professional Citrus Juicer

The Omega C-10W is a citrus juicer with a motor that rotates a juicing cone at 150 RPM. It comes with 3 different size cones to use depending on the fruit you are juicing. And honestly, it does a good job. The fast rotation speed and the various juicing cones help extract all the juice from citrus fruits.

However, the unit is quite expensive for what it is. And not very durable - many users are disappointed with the unit breaking after just a few uses. Fortunately, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

For an upgrade pick, we’d recommend the Omega C-20C, which is intended for more heavy use.

Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer

The Omega C-20C is a citrus fruit juicer aimed at heavy use. Its motor operates the juicing cone at 1800 RPM, allowing you to quickly juice a large quantity of fruits. Like its little brother, the C-10W, it comes with 3 different size juicing cones.

But this unit is expensive, even though the juicing bowl and pulp strainer are made of surgical stainless steel. It sits awkwardly between a juicer convenient for home use and one for industrial use. If you a seriously looking for the best citrus juicer, you should probably look at another brand.

Omega Juicer Buying Guide

vegetable juices

Why Choose Omega?

Omega juicers have been around forever. Their high-end juicers are staples of the juicing industry. If you are wondering why you should pick an Omega juicer, here are three reasons:

1. Omega is a Reputable Brand

The founder of Omega, Robert Leo, spent more than twenty years listening to customer feedback and improving his juicers. As a result, Omega juicers have proven sturdy, high quality, and very efficient over the years.

2. Omega Juicers Are Staples of the Juicing Industry

For a long time, the most serious juicing enthusiasts have recognized Omega juicers like the J8006 as being among the best juicers. As a result, Omega has a considerable fan base.

3. Industry-Leading Warranty

Omega offers the most extended warranty in the industry on its high-end juicers. No other company can claim to provide a 15-year warranty, which speaks volumes about Omega’s confidence in its products.

When you buy an Omega juicer, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality appliance.

How to Choose the Right Type of Omega Juicer

Omega offers many different models, and picking just one can be confusing. So we’re going to go over the important questions you need to ask yourself to pinpoint the best Omega juicer for you.

What Are You Planning to Juice?

The produce you want to juice will significantly influence the type of juicer you pick. Here are a few categories of ingredients and the best juicers to process them:

Fruits & Vegetables

image slice of fruits and vegetables

We recommend a masticating juicer, either vertical or horizontal. The slow masticating speed will ensure you get your full dose of nutrients. Our top recommendation is the J8006HDS.

Celery and Leafy Greens

green vegetables

Celery is sometimes hard to juice because of its fibrous nature. While all the best Omega juicers will be able to process celery just fine, have a look at the MM900HDS. It was specifically designed to improve the yield while juicing celery and lowering the amount of waste. So your next glass of green juice will taste delicious.

Citrus Fruits Like Oranges and Grapefruit

citrus fruits

If you are getting a juicer to make only orange juice, you’re better off with a citrus juicer like the Omega C-10W.

Is Noise an Important Factor?

If you plan to make juice early in the morning while the rest of the household is still sleeping, you need a quiet juicer. Thankfully, all the Omega juicers we have reviewed are slow-masticating juicers. As such, they don’t make a lot of noise. And avoid centrifugal juicers as they tend to be very noisy.

Design & Footprint

Sometimes, the limiting factor is the space you have in your kitchen. Vertical slow juicers like the VSJ843QS can fit under most kitchen cabinets and look great on the countertop. But in our opinion, the best Omega juicers come in horizontal form. As such, they take more space on the countertop.

Thankfully, Omega came up with a solution. They offer compact juicers like the CNC80S and recently innovated with their new cube juicer, the JCUBE500SV.


Many Omega juicers can also make other foods. Some models, like the J8006HDS, even come with every needed to extrude pasta and make breadsticks. If versatility is vital, look for high-end models that come with those extra accessories.


The Omega J8006HDS is the masticating juicer we recommend for most people. Its proven track record and great versatility make it one of the best Omega juicers.

When looking for a vertical low-speed juicer, look no further than the VSJ843QS. It fits under most kitchen cabinets and looks great on the countertop.

The best Omega juicer for celery is the MM900HDS. It comes with a unique end cap perfect for making a fresh glass of celery juice and leaving no waste behind.

Is space an issue? The best compact juicer is the Omega CNC80S, which occupies only 80% of the footprint of the J8006HDS and offers similar performance.

But whichever Omega juicer you pick, the critical step on your health journey is getting started! The sooner you start juicing, the sooner you will reap the benefits.


Which is the best Omega juicer to buy?

We recommend the Omega J8006HDS masticating juicer as the best Omega juicer. The slow process it uses to masticate the ingredients helps preserve all the nutritional properties of the produce, and it gives a high juice yield. It is also very versatile and can make a variety of other food.

Which Omega cold press juicer is best?

The best Omega cold press juicer, in our opinion, is the Omega J8006HDS. Because the auger turns at 80 RPM, it masticates the ingredient slowly, keeping the juice cold. In addition, the pulp coming out of the juicer is quite dry, making the juicer very efficient.

Is the Omega juicer worth it?

The best Omega juicers are a bit expensive, but they’re worth it. They can extract more juice from the ingredients than a cheap masticating juicer can do, helping you waste less produce and keeping your grocery bill in check.

Which Omega slow juicer is best?

The best Omega slow masticating juicer is the Omega J8006HDS. The powerful motor has a lot of torque and rotates the auger at the slow speed of 80 RPM, allowing it to work its triple-stage extraction magic.

Are Omega Juicers any good?

The best Omega juicers are among the best juicers on the market. The company is continually improving its juicers based on customer feedback. In addition, they are very efficient at extracting all the juice for the ingredients.

Which brand is best for a juicer?

We recommend the Omega brand as a good starting point for juicing. The best Omega juicers are sturdy, easy to use, and easy to clean. In addition, the masticating process they use keeps the juice cold and the nutrients intact.

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