Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review: More Than Just Juice!

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review: More Than Just Juice!

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is an impressive home kitchen appliance. It does more than extract nutritious juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. This workhorse can churn out nut butters, grind coffee and spices, extrude pasta, mince herbs, and more. It is sized for use on a standard kitchen counter, and only weighs approximately 13 pounds. The J8006 comes apart for easy cleaning. It has a quiet, low speed, 80 RPM motor to ensure freshness of the juice. This competitively priced masticating juicer comes with a 15 year warranty.

Great Value
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center
If you are in the market for a great juicer that will last you a lifetime, this is the one. This appliance is easy to clean and gets you higher quality juice with less oxidation and more nutrients.


Are you looking for inspiration to improve your health by adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet? Perhaps you are trying to lose weight and gain more energy. The Omega J8006 masticating juicer is designed to extract nutrient dense juice from fresh produce by thoroughly breaking down the plant fibers to maximize the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes available. Whether you are trying to get healthier, or want to support and maintain your current fitness level, this juicer might fit your needs perfectly.

I have been using an Omega 1000 centrifugal juicer for more than a decade. Yes, it still works great, but is showing its age. The J8006 has grabbed my interest because of the lower RPM motor, the way it comes apart to clean, and the additional features it has that my juicer doesn’t have. I have thoroughly researched this product by reading hundreds of user reviews, taking in all the information on the manufacturer’s website, and by watching dozens of users proudly showing off their juicer. I’ll share some of what I have found out. What initially sparked my interest was that this powerhouse doesn’t cost much more than what I paid for my simple, one speed juicer many years ago!

All About the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center

The Omega J8006 extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables by masticating, or chewing, the produce to separate the liquid from the pulp. This machine runs at a speed of 80 RPMs to ensure that there isn’t heat build-up, which could cause oxidation. The juice that it produces in this manner will have more nutrients and enzymes and should last longer in the refrigerator.

The J8006 is more than a juicer. It has the ability to grind nuts and seeds into spreadable butters. It can grind coffee and spices, and is capable of mincing herbs. It also has a pasta extruding capability! It can also make soy milk, salsas, baby food, and sorbets. With all that this juicer can do, it is really designed for the home cook who enjoys working with healthy, fresh ingredients. Because it is so easy to operate and clean, it is also good for those who are looking to get healthier and be a little more creative in the kitchen.

The unit is designed for use on a standard residential countertop surface. It will run on a 110/120 volt power source (standard wall outlet). There are 150 Watts of power in the 2 HP motor that operates at 80 RPMs. The assembled machine weighs approximately 13 pounds and has a handle for lifting, making it easy to put away when not in use. The overall dimensions are 6.5” wide x 14.5” deep x 15.5” tall. There are four sturdy feet for it to sit level and securely. The metal body has a polished chrome finish. This juicer comes with a 15 year warranty.

The masticating juicer ships with all necessary components, including 6 different nozzles, and 2 collection containers, one to catch the juice and one for the pulp. The instruction manual it comes with also include some helpful recipes to get you started.

Specifications Table

Omega J8006 Specifications
Juicer TypeMasticating
Motor80 RPM / 150 Watts / 2 HP
Dimensions6.5"W x 14.5"D X 15.5"H
Weight13 lbs
Warranty15 years
  • Low-speed masticating juicer
  • Can make nut butter, baby food, grind coffee, mince herbs
  • GE Ultem Auger is 8x stronger than most other plastics
  • Dual stage juicer resulting in more juice and dryer pulp

Our Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Review

There is a lot to like about the versatility of the Omega J8006. Unlike some of the other popular, high-end juicers, this one is more of an all-in-one machine, similar to those awesome stand mixers that function as multi-purpose appliances with the various attachments and speeds.

As an avid juicer, I am intrigued by how easy this machine is to operate and maintain. My older model juicer requires paper filters and is a pain to clean. It still produces great juice, but there is an excess of wet pulp that ends up getting tossed or composted. I get very little juice compared to how much produce I use.

Following my extensive research, here are our conclusions about the product. We reviewed this juicer according to the following criteria:

Juice quantity: The juice and pulp containers are independent of the base unit, so you can continually make as much juice as you want by periodically emptying the containers and refilling them. The pulp is quite dry because most of the liquid is extracted from the produce. We were impressed by the quantity of juice produced, earning this device a very high mark.

Juice quality: A few reviewers claimed that their juice contained some fruit pulp or was too thick. That is likely because the filtering screen was not attached. There is also a sieve to strain the juice. In videos of this product being used, the juice looks quite clear with very little foam. Based on a few reviews about thickness, we would say this rates as 4.5 stars.

Noise level: All juicers are noisy to some extend, but masticating juicers are much less so than centrifugal juicers. Reviews are mixed regarding the noise of this unit. Experienced juicers think this machine is very quiet. Users new to this type of appliance found it to be a little noisy. Based on our own experience, I would say it is not noisy compared to centrifugal juicers and give it 4 stars.

Speed: This juicer has a slower RPM motor, producing higher quality juice. However, the slower motor and auger masticator does mean that it takes a bit longer to produce juice and process foods. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to make 16 ounces of juice. We would still give it 5 stars compared to other masticating juicers. While they all tend to be a bit on the slow side, they produce juice that is less oxidized because of the slower speed.

Clean up: Watching a tutorial video of how to clean the juicer, it looked super simple. You just rinse the parts or put them in the dishwasher. It can’t be any easier, earning this appliance a perfect score for clean up.

Value: The J8006 hits all the marks for being worth the price. For all that it does, in addition to juicing, it exceeds the competition that is comparably priced.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenient size and weight
  • Relatively quiet
  • High juice yield and quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple functions


  • Feed tube is narrow
  • Slower than centrifugal juicers
  • Auger can get clogged

What Owners Think

There are mostly good reviews on the Omega Nutrition Center Juicer. As with any product reviews, there is some negative feedback. Most positive reviews were based on the quality of the juice produced and the quieter motor than other juicing machines. The less positive reviews centered mainly on the amount of pre-juicing prep time required and the juicing screen breaking.

Owners Really Like

  • Quick cleaning: Ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Versatile: Can juice leafy greens, make ice cream, nut butters and pasta
  • Robust: Can standup to everyday use
  • Quality juice: Better juice quality than with a centrifugal juicer, juice lasts a long time and tastes great
  • High yield: Extracted pulp is quite dry
  • Quiet: Motor is quieter than centrifugal juicers
  • Warranty: Great 15 year warranty, responsive customer service

What Could Be Improved

  • Longer food preparation: Feed tube is too narrow, requiring too much prep
  • Speed: Juicing takes a long time
  • Clogging: Citrus and hard vegetables can clog and break screen, coffee beans tend to stick to auger, unit sometimes has to be cleaned while juicing
  • Wheat grass: Does not work as well with wheat grass as the manufacturer claims
  • Auger quality: Plastic auger turns a strange color over time, could be made of better quality materials

Bottom Line

After researching the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer and reading many user reviews, I am giving this appliance a thumb up for its versatility and for the quality of the masticated juice it produces. I empathize with the owners who are frustrated with the juicing screen breaking. However, the manufacturer claims to replace that within their warranty. The health benefits provided by juicing fresh produce cannot be overlooked. So, as my centrifugal Omega juicer is starting to show signs of wear and age, I am inclined to replace it with the J8006. Being able to make my own nut butters and pasta are a plus.

Our Omega J8006 Ratings
Juice Quantity
Juice Quality
Clean Up
Overall Score


  1. Instruction manual
  2. Specification sheets
  3. Warranty information
Rebecca Furrow
Rebecca Furrow

Rebecca Furrow is a freelance writer and juice expert. She’s been juicing for over 15 years and has written many articles on the subject for various publications. Rebecca loves to travel while always keeping her eye out for the best fruits and vegetables in the market!